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Below you can find a variety of questions that we often get asked. If you have any further questions not answered here, please get in touch

Petrol Muslin Ring Sling


How long can I carry my baby in a sling?

You can carry your baby in a sling for as long as you are both comfortable and baby is content, there is no limit if you are responding to your baby’s cues for feeding and changing. Research says that small babies should not remain motionless for long periods but babywearing in a soft sling is dynamic so that as the parents move the baby would also move and readjust their position slightly.

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What size sling do I need?

Our ‘standard’ muslin ring sling length is 180cm and this size sling will fit most wearers – the tail will just be longer or shorter on your body. We offer a longer sling at 210cm for those with a larger/taller physical landscape or just like feeling super fancy with swishy tails. It also comes down to preference, some love a very short tail so that there isn’t any excess fabric swinging around and others like a longer swishy tail, you can also use the tail fabric as a breastfeeding cover.

An easy way to gauge what length sling would suit you is to drape a piece of string or ribbon around your body like a sash with a long tail and measure the string.

Our standard wrap conversion ring sling is longer at 195cm as woven wrap fabric tends to be thicker and more fabric is trapped in the rings, the majority of wrap conversion ring slings we sell are custom made so can be any length you want from the wrap that you send for conversion.

Soft structured carriers (full buckles, half buckles, meh dai and onbuhimo) are sized according to the panel that supports baby and it is usually quoted as a ‘knee to knee’ measurement.

Baby Sized –

body panel 16 inches at the widest point and 16 inches tall, not including the waistband.

Toddler Sized –

body panel 18 inches at the widest point and 18 inches tall, not including the waistband.

Preschool Sized –

body panel 20 inches at the widest point and 20 inches tall, not including the waistband.

Our carrier panels taper towards the centre of the panel so the waistband can be rolled over to shorten the height of the panel which in turn reduces the width of the panel where baby sits in the carrier.

What size is a standard wrap?

Wraps are sized according to their length measured from taper to taper and they have a very random sizing system 

To find out which size is your ‘base’ size start with a size 6 and tie in a front wrap cross carry, if you don’t have enough tails left over to tie a double knot then size up to a size 7, if you have too much left over and have long swishy tails then size down to a size 5.

Once you know what your base size is then you can work out which wrap size you need if you want to do a certain style of carry as they are usually described as using a wrap that is base minus 2 or base plus 1 etc.

What can my wrap be converted into?

I can work with any size of scrap to make a soft structured carrier with the minimum being around 50cm of full wrap width fabric, the minimum length for a ring sling is around 2m but I can discuss individual preferences with you if you have slightly less.

Is my wrap suitable for conversion?

I have converted most blends of fabric including wool, silk, hemp, viscose, bamboo, rayon, Tencel, glitter and even cashmere and have only ever experienced a problem with one of the wool blends with a fairy pattern on. I now advise getting in touch and discussing a conversion with me if you have any wool or unusual blends.

How can I tell if my baby fits the sling correctly?

Send me a message for a free 5 minute fit check here

Can I use my sling to back carry?

Yes, most baby carriers can be used for carrying your baby on your back, the only exclusion is stretchy wraps and our lightweight mesh water sling as the stretchy fabric can be unsafe in a back carry.

What age can I use my sling until?

Please have a look at my size guide here

Can I carry my toddler in a ring sling?
Our muslin and mesh ring slings are safety tested from 5lb up to 35lb (15kg). We have lots of customers who have used our slings for their toddlers, and I regularly carry my own toddlers.
To be honest, they can feel a little diggy, but it can be overcome by spreading the fabric on your shoulder evenly to further distribute the weight. 
Is there a minimum weight for carrying my baby?

Our muslin ring slings are safety tested from 5lb up to 35lb, we recommend using our soft structured carriers from around 3-4 months when baby has better head control.