I’m trying to show more about the hands behind Melliapis, please be kind, writing is not my forte!

As well as making slings and carriers I have a number of other hobbies; crochet, drum and bass music, painting, reading and my most recent one is houseplant gardening, specifically cacti and succulents.

Whilst wandering around a local garden centre with the children, to escape the rain after a home ed meet, we found some tiny house plants and they asked if they could each buy one to grow. I figured it would be a nice educational project so they chose a venus fly trap, a hairy cactus and a purple succulent. The fly trap lasted a couple of weeks and went the way most of my other previously owned plants have gone, into the compost, sadly. However the cactus and the purple succulent, some kind of Echevaria, seemed to thrive on our kitchen windowsill. This filled me with hope that I might be able to have a lush indoor garden so I started looking up more plants that were easy to grow and my sister, who has just started a horticulture course over in Ireland, gave me a cutting of one of her plants. The tiny cutting thrived and soon two teeny new leaves popped out and I was hooked.

Like with most crafts in my life they become all consuming and soon our windowsill was overtaken with cacti and succulents, I now have over 30 plants around the house. They are definitely helping with mindfulness and can’t be too bad for the air with their purifying qualities.

Anyway I’m off to do some sewing………….