Muslin Ring Sling Navy Sunshine – Flawed – Rachel Garnett Custom


Minor non structural flaw in it only visible on the reverse side

Rachel Garnett Custom

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Muslin Ring Sling Navy Sunshine

The Muslin Ring Sling Navy Sunshine is compact and extremely lightweight, quick and easy to use and it folds up so small that you can easily fit it in your pocket or bag.

Two layers of muslin woven together create a fabric that is surprisingly strong but also lightweight, this super soft 100% organic cotton sling is snuggly and perfect for newborns but will also carry a toddler easily.

Rings will be the best match with the colour of the fabric, if you have a specific preference please detail it in the notes.

  • 100% organic cotton
  • Our muslin ring slings are safety tested from 5lb up to 35lb
Our muslin ring slings make a perfect accompaniment to the fourth trimester. Made of super lightweight and delicately soft and moldable organic cotton muslin they are perfect for wrapping around you and your baby. Helping you to both meet your needs whilst providing you with freedom. Freedom to make a cup of tea, play with an older child or just get life done. Equally, they can just provide an extra support, to rest your weary arms whilst you sit and snuggle with your new addition.
As they are so light they make the perfect thin layer to have on around the house, a barely there soft support. As a guide your baby needs one more extra layer than you to be a comfortable temperature, so dressing them as you are plus the additional warmth of the muslin ring sling and your body should be ideal. Sleepsuits do not need to be avoided, just ensure they aren’t squashing any teeny toes.
Being so lightweight makes them marvellously fast to wash and dry too – perfect if your baby has reflux and is frequently sick, or for all those milky dribbles.

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Yes, our muslin ring slings can be used for carrying your baby on your back

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You can carry your baby in a sling for as long as you are both comfortable and baby is content, there is no limit if you are responding to your baby’s cues for feeding and changing. Research says that small babies should not remain motionless for long periods but babywearing in a soft sling is dynamic so that as the parents move the baby would also move and readjust their position slightly. Norholt H, Phillips R, McNeilly J, Price C. Babywearing Practices and Effects on Parental and Child Physical and Psychological Health. Acad J Ped Neonatol 2022; 11(5)

Our muslin ring slings are safety tested from 5lb up to 35lb.

Our ‘standard’ muslin ring sling length is 180cm and this size sling will fit most wearers – the tail will just be longer or shorter on your body. We offer a longer sling at 210cm for those with a larger/taller physical landscape or just like feeling super fancy with swishy tails. It also comes down to preference, some love a very short tail so that there isn’t any excess fabric swinging around and others like a longer swishy tail, you can also use the tail fabric as a breastfeeding cover. An easy way to gauge what length sling would suit you is to drape a piece of string or ribbon around your body like a sash with a long tail and measure the string.