This week my wonderful little bundle of joy has discovered the foot pedal of my sewing machine and what a fun noise it makes when she presses it, aaarrrrgh!

Cue five days of trying to find a local repair shop that is happy to work on my machine and giving up. So I turned to scouring Youtube for anything that might help and then roping in my amazing Daddy to help me disassemble a machine not even the repair man would look at!

After sending a couple of photos and videos to Dave at Sewing Machines Direct in Wales, followed up with a very detailed and technically specific conversation with me and Dad we managed to find the grub screw and remove the bobbin holder jobby to find a big ball of fluffy thread wrapped around the spindle; thanks Pippy!

After a couple of attempts at getting the bobbin thingy, a race apparently, back in the correct position I’m now back up to full sewing power, and I have learnt how to disassemble, clean, reassemble and fix the timing on my machine in the process!