Turnaround Time: Muslin, Mesh and Conversion Ring Slings – 5 – 7 working days | Essential / Deluxe Carriers – 3 – 4 weeks | Wrap Conversions – 5 – 6 weeks

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You can carry your baby in a sling for as long as you are both comfortable and baby is content, there is no limit if you are responding to your baby’s cues for feeding and changing. Research says that small babies should not remain motionless for long periods but babywearing in a soft sling is dynamic so that as the parents move the baby would also move and readjust their position slightly. Norholt H, Phillips R, McNeilly J, Price C. Babywearing Practices and Effects on Parental and Child Physical and Psychological Health. Acad J Ped Neonatol 2022; 11(5)