Turnaround Time: Muslin & Mesh Ring Slings – 5 – 7 working days | Essential / Deluxe Carriers – 3 – 4 weeks | Wrap Conversions – 5 – 6 weeks

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Our ‘standard’ muslin ring sling length is 180cm and this size sling will fit most wearers – the tail will just be longer or shorter on your body. We offer a longer sling at 210cm for those with a larger/taller physical landscape or just like feeling super fancy with swishy tails. It also comes down to preference, some love a very short tail so that there isn’t any excess fabric swinging around and others like a longer swishy tail, you can also use the tail fabric as a breastfeeding cover. An easy way to gauge what length sling would suit you is to drape a piece of string or ribbon around your body like a sash with a long tail and measure the string.